Types Of Eating Disorders

pull.26Eating disorders can affect you in many ways. You might develop anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders. All these issues are related to the attitudes and behaviors connected to food and weight issues. You will have serious emotional and physical issues due to the lack of eating or excessive binging. Here are some of the common disorders found in a DSM for you to ponder on:

This disorder includes not taking in the right amount of food in order to stay heathy. Most people with it suffer from a low BMI index which can be related to a fear of gaining weight and an obsession with calories too. It can affect your self-esteem and it can make you feel conscious about your body. Try to consider eating disorder psychologist Brisbane if you can’t handle the problem at hand.

This disorder is characterized by consuming or eating large amounts of food which results in weight gain but the person manages to avoid this by inducing vomiting beforehand. It happens when the person has no control over what they want to eat. They have strong feelings of shame or guilt about the process. They eat when they are not hungry, when they are uncomfortable or when they are lonely and feel ashamed of themselves.

This disease is not labeled in the DSM due to the fact that it is not very specific in nature. It can impair you by causing distress. A good example is atypical anorexia which is when your weight is not the usual for your height and where you purge after eating. You must try your best to consult an couple counselling Brisbane session for help.

Some people tend to eat a lot in the night which can make then gain weight. Some tend to binge while watching TV or staying up late to study. This is once again not specific and can lead to health problems. If you are facing this symptom the best way is to lock your fridge and give the key to a spouse or a responsible adult. Remember that there are several issues which can develop from eating too much or too little so always consult your doctor if you are facing any issues. This way you can get rid of it once in for all.  Try to consult an expert facility in your area for more help too. Make sure that you seek an expert treatment plan for help on the matter too.

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